Why Consumers Cancel Their Timeshare

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Over the last twelve years, our team at American Consumer Credit have heard some of the most compelling cases of high-pressure sales tactics used by the industry.   When dealing with timeshare organizations, the response we receive is often less than compassionate.  As a matter of business, the resort stands on the ground that a signed contract is irrefutable.  And they rarely care about the consumer, the story, reason or motivation behind canceling a membership or vacation lease.

Our team provides counseling to individuals who have a real need to cancel their timeshare contract.  Because we work one-on-one with our clients, we develop a personal understanding of each story.   On average, many timeshare owners try several techniques (including rental and resale) to try to alleviate the burden of their timeshare, to no avail.  And frequently, because these same consumers are looking to expedite their contract quickly, they fall victim to predators in the resale, and consulting industry.

More often than not, someone who approaches a cancellation team has a real, human need to resolve and cancel the timeshare contract as quickly as possible.  They are not trying to be dishonest, or irresponsible in their request; the action is fueled by a sincere need to find a resolution to their timeshare problem.   These are the real stories behind timeshare cancellation.

Changes in Financial Circumstance

By the time many consumers contact us, they have been through disappointing attempts to sell or transfer their property to another owner.   Financial affordability accounts for more than 60% of the cases that we see, where the consumer has experienced a change in obligations, or income earning ability.  Everyone enjoys the idea of keeping their vacation time, if it is something that they can afford and use; but sometimes, families have no other choice than to streamline their expenses to meet more important needs.

For many people, a critical change in financial circumstances can be due to divorce and a new single-income status.  During divorce proceedings, a timeshare property that is formerly shared by the couple becomes not an asset, but a liability, and couples may dispute who will inherit the responsibility for a vacation lease that neither individual wants.

Financial circumstances be caused by under employment, job loss or the inability to work due to health issues.    When filing for bankruptcy, an individual can resolve and cancel their timeshare, but the long-term repercussions to personal credit are often not worth the advantages.  In the present economy, rebuilding credit is a more arduous and lengthy process that can take seven years or more to repair.  Living without the benefit of personal credit, including home and auto financing, credit cards or personal loans makes it difficult for most families to weather life changes and needs.

Family Care Taking and Retirement

Health and wellness can quickly change circumstances for families, who have been unencumbered and able to enjoy their designated weeks at a timeshare resort.   Care giving for elderly family members can also impact their ability to use and afford the vacation membership that they bought five, or ten years ago.   Health needs can make travel difficult, expensive or even risky, given the cost of travel insurance and health care in foreign countries, or out-of-state medical expenses which can be restricted, depending on the type of health coverage the family has.  For many people with health conditions, traveling out-of-state or internationally is no longer an option, but the cost of their timeshare continues to be factored into their budget, despite the fact that they are physically unable to use it.

For families in this situation, it can be very frustrating.  Imagine being on a small retired budget, and paying large monthly membership, taxes and maintenance fees for a property you are unable to use, unable to sell, and unable to “give back” to the resort that you purchased it at.

Purchase of Multiple Timeshares

What would you do if your timeshare was unable to give you the weeks you wanted most for your vacation?  In vacation membership clubs, this scenario happens frequently, frustrating timeshare owners who find that off-season schedules do not work with their vacation needs.   To help, the resort offers the owner an opportunity to buy more time, or points to guarantee that they have more flexibility to book their ideal vacation.

Through this method, many timeshare owners find out that they become legally liable for more than one timeshare contract.  Buying points is the same in almost all cases, as buying an second or third timeshare, with a smaller upfront fee.   However, when the consumer’s needs change and they begin to investigate timeshare cancellation as an option, they are shocked to discover how many timeshares they actually own, and the compounding costs and liabilities of owning more than one.


Every client that contacts American Consumer Credit has a unique story, and a valid reason to cancel their timeshare for good.  The face of timeshare cancellation is not someone trying to shirk responsibility.  Over time, life and circumstances can change the affordability, access or desire to own a timeshare for understandable reasons.     We understand those reasons, and why they matter to you.

Speak to our timeshare cancellation professionals first.  We offer a free, no-obligation consultation and options to help you legally cancel your timeshare, while protecting your hard-earned personal credit.   Don’t put off resolving your timeshare liability; start today and earn the relief that freedom from financial obligation provides, and cancel it for good with American Consumer Credit.