How Timeshares Use Deceptive Sales Practices

Many times, timeshare sales companies employ deceptive and fraudulent sales tactics in order to close their sales and pull you into a contract that is extremely difficult to then get out of.  Luckily if these deceptive sales practices were used a Timeshare Attorney can often help you get released from your mortgage and maintenance fees!

Many times salespeople will make false promises related to the ability to exchange weeks, the resale value or the fees associated with the purchase. They might advertise a 60 or 90 minute presentation that will actually last two or more hours. By the end of the presentation, most people feel pressured and worn down by the sales pitch and end up purchasing even when they had no intention of doing it. There have been instances of consumers being followed to their car by salespeople if they turn down the offers presented. Other customers have reported not having their children returned to them by babysitting staff until they agree to purchase.

Timeshares may also try serving alcoholic beverages during the presentation in order to cloud your judgement and get you to agree to a contract. This is not only unethical but in many cases illegal. They may also tell you that the offer is only good for the day of the presentation and if you take it with you to review it then you will lose the incentives. It is your legal right to not only review the contract yourself but to also have an a Timeshare Attorney review it as well. If your business is truly important to them then the incentives should be available once you’ve had a chance to thoroughly review the offer presented to you.

Timeshare sales people will do everything they can in order to close the deal – except reveal the true cost of what you are purchasing. If you have already purchased a timeshare and feel that deceptive sales tactics were used contact a timeshare attorney to see if they can help cancel your obligation and get rid of your timeshare!

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