Five Effective Ways to Say “No” To A Timeshare

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Everyone loves to get free rewards.  When you are on vacation, you are in the mood for fun, and the opportunity to earn extra cash, excursions or tours, and even tickets to exciting shows is hard to pass up.  It is the only way that resorts can convince someone who is on vacation to give up some recreational time to sit in a timeshare conference room for up to three hours.

The incentives work because we’re all human, and we like the idea of getting something for free.  It is important to remember however, that taking advantage of the opportunity to sit through a presentation does not obligate you to buy.  You shouldn’t “feel bad” if you entertain the idea, and decide that it’s not for you.   Legally, resorts and timeshares simply want the opportunity to put their offer in front of qualified buyers.  If you are not interested in the timeshare, is the resort obligated to give you the promised incentive?  Yes.  Otherwise, it is bribery which is not permitted in American contract law.

The first thing to remember is that you have a right to attend and decline the purchase.   The second thing to remember is that the timeshare sales team is trained to convince you to buy, and it can be a little stressful for some people to experience that pressure.  Based on our experience since 2004 in the timeshare cancellation industry, here are five practical ways that you can decline the offer, without refusing the incentive or invitation to learn more about the resort.

1. Never On an Empty Stomach

Have you ever heard the adage that you should “never go shopping on an empty stomach?”  As strange as it sounds, when you are hungry or thirsty, your body chemistry changes, and focuses on immediate needs and less on cognitive processing and decision making.

Some vacation lease teams and resorts will promise you a great lunch or dinner, after the sales presentation.  Is that accidental?  No.  If they can pitch you the timeshare ownership opportunity when you are hungry or thirsty, you are more likely to bend to their persuasion.   In some cases, (see our previous blog post), people can be kept hours longer than originally planned, without food, and in unscrupulous timeshare instances, they can be offered alcohol on an “empty stomach” to elicit a sale.  It’s illegal and morally wrong, but it happens frequently.

Take that physiological tactic right off the table by eating a snack or small meal before you go, and bringing a bottled beverage with you.

2. Talk to Other Guests in The Room

Interestingly in some timeshare sales presentations, the resort staff are told to limit the amount of talking that prospects do to each other.  Why would this be an issue for any sales professional?   If you are feeling emotionally or physically uncomfortable with the sales pitch and the circumstances, and you share with others, you may mutually agree that something is “not right”.

More recently, timeshare sales presentations have involved separating people within the room, or creating seating that has space deliberately created to discourage talking between attendees.   If you are feeling uncomfortable in the presentation, move closer to another individual or couple, and start a conversation.  Ask them for their opinion about the timeshare and the contract being offered.   It can make you feel more comfortable, and help you gain insights into the positive or negative aspects of the offer.

3. Bring a Spouse or Partner

Timeshare sales presentation staff do a really good job of welcoming you, and making you feel comfortable.  They may even serve refreshments and socialize with you before the sales pitch, to help establish a positive rapport with you, their prospective customer.    But all the free lunches in the world or tour tickets are no match for a couple who discusses financial decisions together.

Be aware of any timeshare sales presentation that wants to separate you into groups, and from your spouse or partner. This tactic is used to “break the ice” and make the sales pitch more of a fun, social event.  Behind the scenes however, sales professionals know that they can do a better job selling to individuals, rather than couples.   One spouse may be enamored about the idea of owning one, but the financial obligation may dissuade the other partner.   If you want time to think about your purchase (but want to explore the incentive offered) go with a friend, a spouse or a partner to the timeshare presentation.

4. Leave Your Wallet in Your Room

If you are interested in the sales presentation, but concerned about your ability to resist high-pressure timeshare salespeople, you can opt to leave your wallet, bankcards and credit cards in a safe place in your room.

If you are sitting on the fence, and considering the purchase of a timeshare, you will need to take a break and return to your room in order to pay a deposit, and make a payment.   From the moment you leave the sales presentation room to walk or drive to your hotel, you will have at least thirty-minutes to an hour to consider the timeshare opportunity, away from the high-pressure environment.  If it’s an opportunity you really don’t want to take advantage of, you can simply return to the presentation room and qualify for your incentive.

5. Cut and Run from the Timeshare Sales Pitch 

If you are feeling “worn out” from an extended presentation, do you have the right to leave?  Yes.   Many people feel concerned about being impolite and leaving midway through a presentation, but if the incentive is not what you thought it was, or if you feel the sales process is definitely not worth the time you are spending in the sales room; just leave.    Be prepared to politely excuse yourself if they ask you a question, and some sales people may even dangle the incentive in front of you again, on your way out.   Don’t be offended, after all, they are trying to prevent everyone else in the room from leaving with you.

Take the information with you, and exit the presentation room and get back to having fun on your vacation, with or without the promised incentive.


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