10 Things That are Worth More Than Your Timeshare – Don’t Sell Your Timeshare

Most every timeshare presentation includes a piece on the incredible investment that your timeshare purchase is. They will assure you that you can easily sell your timeshare for a sizable profit and walk away from your timeshare forever. That purchasing a timeshare is an incredible value. If only that was true.

Don’t believe us? Here is a simple list of 10 things that are worth more than your timeshare!

To begin – let’s see what you can sell your timeshare for…


Sell My TimeshareA quick search on Ebay finds most timeshares are selling for around $1.00.

Yes, $1.00. That’s not a typo. (We’re going to guess your mortgage and maintenance fees are a bit more than that…)

So what cost’s more than the $1.00 you can sell your timeshare for?

whoopie cushion1) This Whoopie Cushion is going for 4 times what you can sell your timeshare for. You might even get more enjoyment and entertainment out of it too.

toothbrush2) These toothbrushes are slightly more expensive then your timeshare is. They come with a money back guarantee though – which your timeshare didn’t come with.

squeegee3) This squeegee is pricier than your timeshare, however if you decide to sell it there won’t be fees involved in transferring the title.

spatula4) Spatulas might run you more than what you can sell your timeshare for. You can use the spatula all year long, unlike your timeshare!

socks5) Socks. Socks are worth more than a Timeshare is. They also don’t come with maintenance fees or special assessments.


6) You’ll need to dip into your reserve funds after selling your timeshare to purchase this pickle ornament. However, when its passed down to family members in perpetuity it will only be met with laughter and amusement rather than fear and dread.


7) Rabbit Manure costs more than a Timeshare. Enough said.


8) These Lego’s are fetching more than most timeshares. They will also hold onto their resale value longer than that vacation property will.


9) You can keep your drink cold using this koozie while dealing with the nightmare that is a timeshare contract. If you don’t mind paying $1.50 more than your selling price that is.


10) Finally, you might want to consider just casting your timeshare troubles aside. Spend twice what you can sell your timeshare for and you can own 4 of these fishing lures!


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