Where to Find Reviews and Complaints for Timeshare Management Companies

Our legal team provides free timeshare consultations to Americans who are looking for more information on their legal rights, when it comes to owning a timeshare management property.   While we specialize in helping consumers legally exit their timeshare contract, and regain their financial freedom, we are also a valued resource for people who are considering the purchase of a timeshare property.  It pays to do you research, and understand what your rights are before you buy.

How can you protect yourself from falling victim to high-pressure sales tactics and predatory contract practices?  Our advice to people who are looking to purchase a timeshare is to research your options, and to be informed about your contractual obligations for the term of your membership before you buy (or attempt to sell).

Why You Shouldn’t Trust a Company with Only Favorable Reviews

Are you finding it hard to find anything negative about your timeshare company, or one that you are interested in buying a property from?  Consider that every company will have people who have excellent service and purchase experiences, and positive reviews.  Equally however, you can’t please everyone, and timeshare companies are also likely to have complaints or negative comments on a variety of different review sites.

However, if you are having a hard time finding anything negative written about the timeshare company you are contracted to (or interested in), does that mean that they have a perfect track record?  That every consumer who has purchased from them was completely satisfied?  Of course not.   According to the American Resort Development Association, in 2014, 7.9% of Americans owned a timeshare, or roughly 9.1 million properties, and naturally, there is a high potential for both positive and negative reviews.

Trust your instincts when reading online reviews, and remember that some sites can provide fictional reviews (written by marketing teams) to help convince you of a positive consumer rating that may not actually exist.  It is one of many tools designed to persuade Americans to buy into a long-term timeshare contract, but compare website reviews with consumer complaint agencies and non-biased review sites (including Yelp) which do not allow editing of feedback or comments.

Finding and Understanding Timeshare Sales Reviews

The first step in evaluating your timeshare management company (whether you are planning to buy or trying to resolve your contract), is to look for online reviews.   Much like Yelp, there are many legal and reliable websites and organizations that rank timeshare memberships and companies by consumer feedback and the number of complaints (legal or comments) shared online by dissatisfied customers.

Here are some of the best and most reliable consumer complaint and feedback sites to research:

  1. The Resort Owners Coalition
  2. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Complaint Assistant
  3. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) Scam Tracker
  4. Consumer Affairs Review
  5. Yelp Online Reviews

When consumers are looking to cancel their timeshare contract due to expense or dissatisfaction with the development association, it helps to research reviews, particularly if you learn that your negative experience (or buyers regret) was not isolated, but shared by hundreds and possibly thousands of other consumers.   It can help motivate you to get the assistance you need, to cancel your timeshare contract, and free yourself from expensive membership fees.

Talk to us about legally canceling your timeshare contract, without negatively impacting your consumer credit rating.  American Consumer Credit© is ready to help.