How Can a Timeshare Attorney Help You?

A timeshare attorney can be your greatest ally during a contract dispute with a timeshare agency. When working with a timeshare attorney they will allow you stop paying your mortgage and maintenance fees and cancel your contract completely.

Timeshare Attorneys are there for Consumer Protection. They will review not only the contract but also the sales tactics used to determine if fraud was committed. Many times the consumer is unaware of the sales tactics that were employed that may be deceptive or misleading. Promises of about the value of the property, the resale value, or the exchange value may be made. Consumers might be pressured to sign the contract without being able to review it. They may be served alcohol or forced to sit for hours through a presentation. A timeshare attorney will evaluate the legality of the tactics used in the sale and guide the consumer through canceling the mortgage due to fraud.

Additionally, the contract will be reviewed. Many times consumers are given an incomplete contract that is missing addendums and references to documents which they never received. Their payments or rates might be calculated incorrectly or in some cases they never received or signed a contract.  Time share Attorneys are there to protect the Consumer and help you get rid of mortgage and maintenance fees once and for all.

American Consumer Credit is dedicated to helping consumers with deceptive sales solicitation practices and other areas of fraud. Contact us at 800.611.0631 to see how we can help you cancel your timeshare contract.