What Doesn’t Work When You Want to End Your Timeshare

By the time our clients find American Consumer Credit and our timeshare cancellation services, they are ready to exit their timeshare for good.  Many of them share their frustration and experiences of abuse and harassment that begin the moment they express to their vacation club that they simply want out of their contract. are you looking to end your timeshare soon?

Part of our professional role as America’s original timeshare resolution team, is to provide education and help consumers avoid some of the pitfalls and added expenses from timeshare exit methods that simply do not work.   We’re pleased to share some of these expert tips with you, and encourage you to share this article with family or friends who are considering canceling their timeshare contract.

American Consumer Credit can help you save time, money and frustration, and help you protect your credit in the process.

Selling or Transferring Your Timeshare to Another Owner

In the past twelve years, our clients have consistently told us that they were given false assurances at the time they purchased their timeshare.  Think back to when you bought your timeshare; did you hear any of the following statements?

  1. “Timeshares are in demand and easy to sell.”
  2. “If you want to “get out” of your timeshare, it’s convenient and easy to sell it to another buyer.”
  3. “Your timeshare is in a resort that people are ‘lining up’ to buy into.”
  4. “You will make a profit, if you decide to sell your timeshare.”

If you are a timeshare owner and remember those phrases being used in your sales presentation, you are not alone.  And if you are frustrated and angry because you found them to be dishonest and fraudulent claims, you are among thousands of timeshare owners that file complaints annually against developers and vacation membership clubs.

Timeshare sales ‘professionals’ know that signing a twenty, thirty or even ninety-nine-year lease is intimidating for any buyer.   That is why during the sales process, one of the most explained aspects of the “pitch” is to assure you that it is “easy” to get out of your timeshare. If you thought you’d be locked in for the full term, no matter how your financial situation or personal needs changed, you would not sign the contract.

The reality is that selling your timeshare is virtually impossible for a number of reasons.   Rarely do timeshare owners recover the original purchase value of the timeshare, if they are lucky enough to find a buyer.  There is a reason that Ebay™ is full of seller listings, offering their timeshare for $1.00.   There are too many timeshares (and new ones being built every year) and not enough interested buyers that are willing to sign a long-term lease.   Many people realize that it is a financial obligation that may not suit their needs in the future.

In addition to facing the obstacle of finding a buyer who is willing to assume the membership and maintenance fees and terms of your timeshare contract, developers and timeshare companies can make it very hard and expensive for consumers to transfer ownership.  Of course, few of them like to mention how hard it’s going to be to cancel your timeshare when they sell it to you, and that’s where timeshare companies can blur the line between legal transactions and fraud.

Timeshare Resale Warning

The fastest growing market and frequently illegal business practice happens when owners employ the services of a timeshare resale ‘professional’.  You will find a number of complaints online about these services, particularly if they request an upfront fee.   There are many organizations that will assist by helping you list and market the sale of your timeshare, however they are paid after the lease has been successfully transferred to another owner.

Selling a timeshare is difficult; which is why many owners look for help.  However, any service organization that insists on payment upfront of all fees to sell your timeshare should be avoided.  When they fail to sell your timeshare, you will not get your money back.   After paying a fee, some consumers have even had the timeshare reseller completely disappear, without providing any service at all.

Read more about timeshare resale scams on the Consumer Affairs (Consumers Unified LLC) website.

Coming to Terms with Timeshare Liability

Financially, timeshares are something that few American’s can afford.  They are an ongoing financial liability that can increase exponentially over time.  You will never own a timeshare as you would a vacation home, and there are few reasons to continue paying for a membership if you are simply not travelling or getting value from your timeshare on an annual basis.

Selling privately rarely works.  Finding a professional reseller can expose your family to the risk of more financial expense and exploitation.  If the terms and tactics of your timeshare purchase were illegal, or if the vacation club mislead you in the sales process, you have an opportunity to legally cancel your timeshare for good.

Save your money.   Start with a free consultation with one of our friendly, experienced timeshare exit professionals and learn how you can be free of your timeshare in twelve months or less, or we’ll refund your client fee.   American Consumer Credit has been the solution for hundreds of families, and we’re ready to help you end your timeshare for good.