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Why It’s More Affordable to Rent a Timeshare Than Own

On our consumer protection blog, we’ve shared that owning a timeshare is universally held as a bad financial decision for most Americans, who simply do not get sufficient value from the cost of owning a vacation membership.  A quick search…

What Else Could You Do with The Money You Save From Timeshare Fees?

If you are like many timeshare owners, you probably never expected to experience the escalating fees, nor the financial impact that buying vacation time would have on your budget.  It is something we are all aware of when we first consider…
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Let’s Talk About the Timeshare Fees They Don’t Want You To Know About

When we speak to our clients, many of them are already dissatisfied with their timeshare purchase, but most are also shocked at the difference between what they thought they were committing to (in terms of expense) versus the actual annual cost…