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ready to cancel your timeshare

10 Signs You Are Ready to Cancel Your Timeshare

In the timeshare industry, there is a saying that timeshare ownership presents the two happiest days of your life; the day you buy one, and the day that you cancel it, or sell it to someone else.   The reason for the pessimism regarding timeshare…
rent a timeshare

Why It’s More Affordable to Rent a Timeshare Than Own

On our consumer protection blog, we’ve shared that owning a timeshare is universally held as a bad financial decision for most Americans, who simply do not get sufficient value from the cost of owning a vacation membership.  A quick search…
Timeshare Cancellation

Airfare Increases the Cost of Timeshare Ownership

Have you ever wondered why there are so many negative comments online, about timeshare resort companies?  Most Americans believe what they are told, when they are sold a good or service, and it is only after owning a timeshare for several years,…