How Selling a Timeshare Can Cost You More Money

If you have purchased a timeshare, and you enjoy the use of it and the return on your monthly expenses, then you are one of a small percentage of consumers who experience little to no buyer’s regret.  However, if you have found your way to this website, we understand that you have a different perspective on your timeshare; it’s expensive, and you want out of your contract but selling timeshare can cost money.

When consumers are sold into a timeshare ‘opportunity’, there are many questions that get asked of the developer or membership club.  Smart consumers tend to inquire about the ‘what if’ aspects of owning a timeshare.

What if:

  • The resort is improperly maintained and I no longer enjoy the property?
  • The resort changes ownership and fees start to escalate?
  • Vacation needs change, and the resort no longer suits my family’s needs?
  • I can no longer afford (or am willing to pay) the fees associated with my timeshare contract?
  • My financial situation changes. What do I do next?

When consumers inquire about a change in circumstance, timeshare management companies are quick to extol the value of your ‘investment’.  In fact, the language gets confusing when they talk about what you, the consumer, actually owns.  As a timeshare owner, you own vacation time and guaranteed weeks at your resort or vacation property.  You do not own the property.  You will never own the property, and the benefit of the appreciating value of a vacation property is not something that can ever be considered an estate asset.

You own the right to use time there, which as a timeshare owner, you are prepaying in perpetuity, with a binding contract for up to ninety-nine (99) years.

How Hard Is It to Sell a Timeshare?

Since 2004, our team has heard about promises of valuation and the ease with which a timeshare property can be sold.  It is a misleading promise that is given to consumers, to instill them with confidence and assure them that they have options, should they wish to get out of their binding contract.

Statistically, our industry experience and other data has shown that timeshare resale is precarious at best.  In fact, less than 3% of timeshare owners are able to successfully sell their timeshare to recoup part or all of their initial purchase price.   Timeshare sellers make it sound so easy! They promise that the resale market is strong enough, and demand is consistent enough, that any owner can transfer their property to a new owner easily.   We know for a fact, that this is not true in the majority of cases, and what is even more concerning are the number of websites that provide a market valuation for the timeshare, giving consumers false hope, with few exceptions.

This is not a new problem; it is a consistent fact with the timeshare industry as a whole.  Read “Many Fed-Up Timeshare Owners Are Stuck Trying to Sell,” via USA Today.  Timeshares are always a ‘buyers market’, and the advantage is to the buyer, never the seller, who is subject to terms and conditions within the timeshare contract that can make the legal process of transferring ownership (even as a gift or donation) difficult and expensive.

The Expense of Selling Adds Up

A quick Google search will tell you that there are plenty of companies promising that they can assist you with selling your timeshare.  What these companies do not tell you is that legal fees, advertising and promotional fees, and many other expenses are associated with using a third-party seller.  If you are trying to exit your contract, and cancel your timeshare, you may find that the hope of selling it and reducing additional expenses are quickly dashed.  The timeshare resale market is notorious for adding to the expense and frustration for consumers, who simply want out of their contracts. Selling timeshare can cost money in the end.


American Consumer Credit does not purchase timeshares, nor do we offer services or assistance to owners who are interested in renting or selling their timeshare.  Since 2004, we have served our clients with one purpose; to end the expensive cycle of fees for good, by legally canceling the timeshare contract, without damaging personal credit.

The process can take up to twelve months, but our clients emerge relieved, and grateful to be out of their predatory timeshare contract, increasing maintenance and management fees, and free of their vacation property obligations.   The team at American Consumer Credit is compassionate, advocating for our clients to create the most efficient, financial resolution to their timeshare contract.

Imagine the freedom of never having to pay another maintenance or property management fee again.  We can help make that happen.  Contact us to schedule your free, no obligation consultation and we will outline our successful, step-by-step process, which protects your financial well-being.

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