Airfare Increases the Cost of Timeshare Ownership

Timeshare Cancellation

Have you ever wondered why there are so many negative comments online, about timeshare resort companies?  Most Americans believe what they are told, when they are sold a good or service, and it is only after owning a timeshare for several years, that the “fine print” becomes a problem that impacts personal budgets.  We love our vacation time, and we’re always looking for a great deal for our family both in terms of airfare and resorts.

By the time a consumer has realized that a timeshare is simply “not right” for them, affordability may have already become a problem, through increased membership and maintenance fees, late payment penalties and other services that resorts love to charge for (including rental and resale assistance).  But one of the biggest problems that timeshare owners encounter, is the expense of airfare.  There is so much intent focus on affording the initial purchase price, and then the monthly or annual fees, that consumers sometimes forget that the luxury timeshare they own may be difficult to use, depending on the affordability of flights.

It sounds hard to believe but the cost of airfare is something that virtually no timeshare salesperson will bring up.  And the reason they avoid talking about airfare is because they know that they will have an impossible sale, if the consumer adds up all the numbers and realizes there is no cost saving advantage for them.

How Vacationers Can Save on Airfare

At American Consumer Credit, LLC., we want everyone to enjoy having the vacations that they deserve, without experiencing the burden and inconvenience of owning a timeshare.   We think that there are far more affordable options for consumers, without the detrimental strings attached.

Here are five great tips to help you find affordable airfare for your next vacation:

1. Travel During Off Hours

Whenever you book a flight in primetime hours, you are paying a premium price for that ticket.  Is it inconvenient to leave early in the morning and return late at night?  Absolutely, but it can save you a lot of money to fly during off-peak times.

2. Book in Advance

The best deals on flights are posted early, when the airline is attempting to fill the minimum number of seats for the flight to be cost effective.   Airlines discount advanced purchase tickets significantly, so if you know exactly when you are traveling, books six to eight weeks ahead of time and purchase your ticket, to lock in a great round trip rate.

3. Fly on a Holiday

No one wants to fly on a holiday, like Thanksgiving, or Valentine’s Day and airlines are under booked on important religious and civic holidays.  Flights can be discounted as much as 50% if you travel on a holiday, during an off-peak time.  A trick frequent flyers know that can save hundreds on the cost of travel for each trip.

4. Book One Seat at a Time

Did you know that airlines must discount single seats, to fill each flight?  Families and friends who travel together, enjoy sitting side by side.  However, if you are willing to fly in separate seats for the flight, you can save even more money.  And the flight attendant (depending on occupancy) may even be able to move you, if there is an available seat beside your companion.

5. Travel Light

Airfare can become even more expensive if you have multiple bags to check.  The average cost can be $25 to $50 per bag, depending on weight.   Remember that every resort, timeshare and hotel has a laundry service.   You can half your wardrobe and travel lighter to save more money.

Were you the victim of timeshare fraud, or high-pressure sales tactics?  Do you now find your timeshare a financial burden that you simply can’t afford?  Chat with one of our client care experts on our website, or contact us for more information on timeshare cancellation services.