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Learn Your Timeshare Rights

There are laws in place that protect you and we want you to know your rights.


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Education is Protection

We believe that you should learn your timeshare legal rights as you move forward with our company. Having you the client educated helps both parties feel like we are working together in your best interest.

What is Predatory Lending & Predatory Mortgage Servicing?

What is Truth and Lending Act?

What is FDCPA  (Fair Debt Collection Practices)?

Some common violations of the Vacation & Timeshare Act:

  • Being told you are buying a real estate investment.
  • Being told your timeshare is a tax write off.
  • Being told they have a resale department if you wanted to later sell.
  • Informed the resort was pet friendly and later finding out pets are not allowed.
  • Verbose claims to induce the purchase of the timeshare.
  • Not being informed of exchange fees
  • Not being made aware of maintenance fees or that your fees will increase.
  • Not being informed of potential assessments
  • Summoned to a meeting under the guise it is a mandatory “owners” meeting only to be pressured and sold an upgrade.
  • Not being able to use your timeshare, with the resort citing that nothing is available or you do not have enough points.
  • Not being informed of the time period in which you can cancel your timeshare

Was my timeshare purchase an investment as I was told by the sales person?

What is perpetuity?

Will my heirs of my estate be responsible for paying on my timeshare? 

Can I be sued for not paying on my timeshare? 

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