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What happens if I stop paying my timeshare maintenance fees?

If you own a timeshare and don’t pay maintenance fees, special assessments, utilities, or taxes, the timeshare association can legally foreclose. Call us for a free consultation.

How do I rescind a timeshare contract?

Timeshare cancellation guidelines vary depending upon the State in which the timeshare was purchased. For individual State guidelines contact us for free information.

Florida Law States:
If you wish to cancel the purchase contract, you must notify the seller in writing by certified mail within 10 days of purchase. If you do this, the timeshare company must refund to you the total amount of deposit, reduced by the value of any benefits received, within:

  • 20 days after it receives your notice of cancellation, or
  • within five days after it receives the funds from your cleared check, whichever is later.

What happens if I stop paying my timeshare mortgage?

If you own a timeshare and don’t pay mortgage payments the timeshare association can foreclose.

Is it possible to sell my timeshare?

State of Florida Statistics show less than two percent of timeshares listed for sale on the resale market actually ever sell. The majority of those two percent are family and friend deed transactions.