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For the past 12 years, Aconsumercredit™ has provided compassionate, comprehensive financial tools and resources to help Americans resolve their timeshare problems. We are the pioneers of consumer timeshare advocacy, educating owners of both their rights and their options. When the time comes to cancel your timeshare contract or mortgage, Aconsumercredit™ is the team for you. If you have acted quickly enough we can even assist you with a rescission process to make it as painless as possible. This option varies state by state and you can see if you qualify here!

Our process starts with a free consultation.  Meet our team, and learn about the process, and why it works. We’ll give you all the information that timeshare sales and development companies don’t want you to know. Ask to see proof, we’ll show you, and answer any questions you have.

Timeshare vacation contracts and memberships are not for everyone.  If they really were a great financial or investment option, why do less than 2% of timeshares resell?  The market is full of owners with buyer’s regret, who simply want to get away from soaring expenses, and balance their budget again. Aconsumercredit can help you cancel your timeshare in a way that protects your credit and allows you to obtain financial freedom.

If you have become increasingly frustrated by the terms of your contract, or by escalating fees and expenses, trust Aconsumercredit™.  We know that selling your timeshare is rarely an option, and that you need a plan that will put an end to unending bills.  We offer over twelve years of expert experience helping Americans like you to end the inconvenience and financial burden of a timeshare contract, or even a timeshare mortgage.

Purchasing a timeshare is not a life sentence, and you don’t have to choose between escalating maintenance and management fees or preserving your personal credit rating.  You can exit your timeshare contract and correct your credit rating through our program.  We help ordinary people get back to the business of more important financial goals in their lives, freed from the burden of a predatory timeshare contract.

You aren’t trapped in this contract; you have options and rights, and you can take action to cancel your timeshare contract or mortgage without compromising your personal credit rating. In twelve months or less, our experts can have you out of your timeshare contract or we guarantee to refund our service fee.  We are committed to helping our clients wipe the slate, and start over, free from the debt and frustration of a timeshare contract.

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