Three Unbelievable Video Timeshare Horror Stories

Every week, clients share stories about high-pressure sales, and even lies that were told to them, to convince them to purchase a timeshare.   Some of the most compelling evidence of the lack of integrity and honesty within the timeshare sales industry, can be found in video testimonials, where frustrated consumers are “fighting back” by sharing their story with the public.

It is difficult to watch some of the consumer videos, because as you hear each timeshare story, you understand how traumatic the sales experience was, or how the purchase of resort membership time had a negative impact on financial well-being.   Our client stories are confidential, but there are some moving stories shared with the public on YouTube that we wanted to acknowledge and share on our blog.

Is your timeshare story similar?

1. Wyndham Vacation Resort Complaint – Amber Martinez

A young family was approached with an incentive for a low-cost vacation, and spending money, to sit through a presentation and timeshare proposal in Panama City, Florida.   The young mother explains how they toured the facility to see what the rooms would look like, and how they were told that a “soft credit” check would be done, to determine what maximum point package they would qualify for.

One of the key elements of this story is how the young couple (with a newborn child) were told that they could ‘easily’ get out of their timeshare contract, if they determined it was not a good fit for them financially.   They were advised by the timeshare sales person (named in the private video), that the Wyndham Vacation Resort would “buy back” the contract at any time.   When the couple attempted to exit their timeshare however, they were told that their contact was binding by Wyndham, and the resort refused to honor exactly what was promised by the sales person.  Wyndham offered instead a complicated five-year buyback, after payment was received in full for the property, at a rate of 20% of the initial investment by the couple.

The author of the video, Amber Martinez, also explains how the timeshare sales team asserted that the purchase of the Wyndham Timeshare, as dated real estate, would help them build their personal credit.  However, when the couple tried to purchase a home, the debt of their timeshare purchase was weighted against them, and they were unable to qualify for a mortgage.

2. The Diamond Beach Club Complaint – Jon Sonmez

Jon Sonmez is a respected podcaster, business owner and blogger, who is not disinterested in owning a timeshare property, but is pragmatic about “running the numbers” to determine if he is getting a good deal.   In this timeshare story, Jon does a great job of explaining how inflexible timeshare memberships can be, and how misleading the financial “cost savings” are, when they are presented in an inaccurate light.

What we enjoyed about this video is the very credible, easy-to-follow breakdown of how the expense of owning a timeshare simply doesn’t add up for consumers.   Sonmez also shares where vacation resort memberships make their profit, and why there are better, more affordable options, with less risk and restrictions.  When you understand how maintenance and membership fees, upgrade and extra point purchases provide profit, it is easy to see why timeshare contracts are so notoriously difficult to cancel.


3. Vacation Village – Tammy Ames

Tammy and her family were promised a one-week vacation, for the price of $299.00 including tickets to Disneyland. The family was required to sit through a 90-minute timeshare sales presentation, and they were served a free breakfast and treated to a tour of the area.

Following their tour, the resort sales team broke out a worksheet to determine how much the family could afford, and what their costs would be, if they vacationed annually without a timeshare.  The family was proposed a buy-in of $30,000, which they declined.  The sales team came back with two subsequent offers in a six-hour period, and Tammy explains how they felt that they were “worn down” after being detained for hours, and they signed for a “foreclosed” timeshare, at a special deal (available for a limited time).

One year after reluctantly purchasing their timeshare, the Ames family was notified by Vacation Village that the company had switched to a new point system, which required another buy-in, at another resort.  The couple was promised many things, including the ability to earn rental income from unused vacation weeks of up to $2,100 per week.

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Videos shared are public domain and non-copyright content, and enabled for sharing on YouTube to promote awareness.   For more information on each video, or to contact the author of each testimonial, please visit YouTube.