How Timeshare Resale Targets Frustrated Owners

If you have come to a decision that owning a timeshare doesn’t work for your lifestyle or your budget, the next steps are critical.  The choices you make will either help you cancel your timeshare correctly, and through legal channels, or target you for fraudulent promises, extra fees from timeshare resale ‘professionals’ and no results.

The first path that timeshare owners take is to investigate resale opportunities.  That is not because reselling your timeshare is successful (less than 2% of timeshares are resold), but because you and your family were given some assurances at the time of the sale.  You were told it was “an investment” and something that you could “sell easily at any time”, because if you were excited about buying your timeshare, other people would be too, right?   We’ve all heard the pitch.

How many of you have sat through a timeshare presentation, and heard the developer or sales team refer to your resort as “in high demand” or “wait listed” with purchasers lined up?   The sales tactic is of course, to create a sense of urgency for you, the buyer.  It’s called F.O.M.O. (fear of missed opportunity) and it is part of the psychology of a professional, hard sell.  One that you have to work very hard to say no to, since it is delivered like an “offer you can’t refuse.”

The Reality About Timeshare Resale

You believe that the timeshare is in demand (because they said so), and you continue that belief right up until the time that you try to sell it.   And then you feel like the rug has been pulled out from under your feet.  With very few exceptions, it is difficult if not impossible to find a buyer, and the idea of recouping your original investment is not probable.   Check EBay Inc. and see how many people are listing their timeshare with “free closing” and starting the bid at $1.00.

We encourage our clients to take a look at the listings for timeshare resale to get a real picture of what the market is like.  In addition to people listing timeshares at bargain prices, many people have attempted unsuccessfully to give away their timeshare.  In the past, some charities have accepted timeshares if they are in a position to use the property for fundraising, and profit despite the overall expense of fees and maintenance.  But finding a charity to accept a donation of a timeshare is also low to almost improbable.  You don’t want the long-term financial liability, and neither do non-profit organizations.   It just doesn’t make financial sense to them.

Beware Timeshare Resellers

Did you know that many businesses that claim to offer timeshare resale services are partnered with the same organization that sold you the timeshare?  They made a great upfront sale from you, when you originally purchased your timeshare.  Now that you want out, they want a second shot at getting more money from you, before you find a way to cancel your timeshare.  A legal method that actually works.

If you can’t find a buyer for your timeshare yourself, chances are that a reseller will not be able to find a buyer either.   But since they claim to be professionals in the timeshare and hospitality industry, you trust that they will get the job done for you.

Timeshare resale companies and consultants are constantly in the news, reported on by Consumer Affairs, and the businesses are the subject of thousands of consumer complaints annually.  You pay an upfront fee, they agree to “try” to sell your property, and fail.   They ask for another upfront fee, and by the time the consumer has realized that resale is not the answer, they may be out thousands of dollars in fees paid to unscrupulous, and often fraudulent timeshare resellers.

What You Need to Know About Our Team

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