Find Out The Easiest Way to Cancel Your Timeshare

If you’ve been wondering if there is some hidden, easy foolproof way to cancel your timeshare contract then the answer is YES! 

The kicker? It’s written right into your timeshare contract!

The catch? Time is of the essence!

Your contract should include a clause regarding a “Rescission Period.”

A Rescission Period is your “cooling off” time following a big purchase like a time share. During that time you may exercise your Right of Cancellation and request to be released from your timeshare contract. The length on your rescission period will vary depending on the state the timeshare was purchased in.  For example a timeshare purchased in Massachusetts has a 3 day rescission period while a Florida timeshare has a 10 day rescission window.

You are legally obligated to a rescission period if it is written into your contract. However you must follow the rescission process exactly as stated in your contract in order to have a valid cancellation. This will vary from contract to contract and may include certified copies of the documents, hand delivery or other requirements. It is always prudent to read your contract thoroughly and to exercise your right of cancellation as quickly as possible. If you run into issues cancelling you contract a timeshare attorney may be able to help.

American Consumer Credit is dedicated to helping consumers with deceptive sales solicitation practices and other areas of fraud. Contact us at 800.611.0631 to see how we can help you cancel your timeshare contract. We will be happy to review your contract and let you know if you are within your rescission period.

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