Consumer Confidential Interview with David Lazarus on Timeshare Ownership

In August of 2017, the L.A. Times featured an interview with David Lazarus, regarding the timeshare industry, and the consumer experience of owning a timeshare.  Specifically, his interview addressed a question posed by a viewer of KTLA 5 Morning News.  The consumer had asked “How do I get out of a timeshare that’s not being used?” and it is a question that our timeshare cancellation counselors answer daily.

It can be difficult for personal finance experts to understand the purchase motivation, or thoughts that a consumer has, when they purchase a timeshare.   It is easier to understand, if you consider that the average American finds it difficult to save money for an annual vacation.  Yet, if you asked about personal priorities, many families would say that vacation time and travel, are high on the list.

Why don’t vacations happen for American families, using traditional methods?  It is really a nod to the domestic economy, which is only now starting to show signs of recovery.  It is tough out there for most individuals, which is why the promise of cheap vacations has so much appeal.

It seems plausible that a timeshare will work, to amortize one or two great trips per year.  But what we find is a high degree of ‘buyers remorse’, when the timeshare fees begin to increase.  What was once a strategic and exciting perk, becomes a financial burden that complicates monthly budgets.  Most financial experts agree that a timeshare will cost you more money in the long run, than traditional methods of vacationing.

Here is what David Lazarus had to say, about the timeshare value proposition.

There are a few pieces of advice that Lazarus offers, that are valuable to consumers.  First, before looking at service providers like timeshare resellers, it is best to start with your timeshare organization.  Not all timeshares are resistant to buy-back programs, and many may have special offers and programs that they do not openly advertise.  Talk to your timeshare first, to see if you can negotiate a cancelation of your contract.

The majority of fraud charges in recent years, that involve the timeshare sector, have involved service providers that offer timeshare resale services.  We remind consumers that some timeshare owners pay buyers, to take over the contract.   Expecting to profit by the sale of your timeshare is not realistic, when anyone can purchase a timeshare, starting from $1 on eBay or Craigslist.   And what is more unfortunate, is that timeshare owners typically lose money on resale services, instead of allocating for help that will give them the result they want; a true cancellation of the contract.

If, however your timeshare refuses to budge on the contract, under certain conditions, you may be able to cancel your timeshare contract with legal assistance.   Our team of timeshare cancellation counselors is legally guided by an attorney, with almost a decade of personal experience in American contract law, and timeshare agreements.    When the communication with your timeshare stops, or if it becomes adversarial, it may be time to consider getting some professional help to resolve your timeshare contract.  

We were pleased to see David Lazarus mentioning that there is legal assistance, in the form of reputable timeshare cancellation teams, that are a valuable resource to timeshare owners.  If you want to get out of your contract as soon as possible, start with a free consultation from American Consumer Credit, LLC.  Chat online with our staff and ask any questions you have, about our pathway to freedom from the financial obligations of timeshare ownership.   We are happy to explain how it works, how long it can take and what consumers can expect during the cancellation process.

If you would like to discuss details about your timeshare contract, please call: 1-800-587-EXIT.  Our timeshare cancellation counselors are waiting to assist you, and provide you with all the information you need to start the process.   Most clients see a successful cancellation of their timeshare within 12-months or sooner, and we’ve been America’s leading consumer resource since 2004.  We’re ready to help you cancel your timeshare for good.