Why an Airbnb Vacation is Better Than Buying a Timeshare

When timeshares first became popular in the 1970’s, there were few alternatives for families who wanted access to the same vacation property, without actually purchasing the property.  For middle class and lower income families, the concept took off and seemed practical, as timeshare owners were paying only for their weeks of vacation time, and that payment was leveraged over twelve months a year.

Fast forward to present day, and Airbnb.  If you have never heard of it before, it is a website that offers properties, including luxurious private resorts and clubs around the world.  On Airbnb, you can surf through any number of private homes, apartments and condos in Europe, South America, Mexico, Canada and the United States, and virtually any exotic island or international destination in the world.

On Airbnb, you can reserve anywhere from short-term accommodations (one or two nights), to vacation rentals (one to two weeks) and even longer term leases, up to one month or even monthly rentals in some cases.   For the traveler, the website offers a secure, vetted property owner and a rating system, that helps travelers see the comments of other vacationers that have stayed at the property before.

Airbnb also closely monitors complaints and issues, and can suspend and remove property owners who are problematic, or those that have received numerous complaints from the website.  The properties are professionally cleaned in between visitors, and most property owners have a very high guest satisfaction rating.

The Advantages to Using Airbnb Versus Buying a Timeshare Property

For vacationers who want to travel the world, Airbnb offers an affordable alternative to hotel accommodations.  If traveling with a larger group or family, complete houses are available for rent, many with pools, spas, gourmet kitchens and other amenities that you would expect from a luxury resort or hotel.  Stay for a few nights, or a few weeks and enjoy being a tourist with all the comforts of home, at a fraction of the cost of hotel stays.

Check out some of these prime vacation destinations currently featured on the site:

Unlike a timeshare property, you are only paying for your Airbnb rental for the duration of your vacation.  When the vacation is over, there are no extra fees that will be tacked on with regards to your stay.  And if you are the type of person who loves to return to the same spot, every year for your vacation, as the property is privately owned, you can communicate directly with the property owner to rent it again, subject to availability, for your preferred vacation dates.

If you are the type of traveler who always wants to explore a new location, there is no shortage of luxury rentals at budget prices around the world, which are part of the Airbnb network.  You can browse them online, and find the one you like, place a deposit and then pay online, through the secured accommodation service on Airbnb.  It’s that easy.

Does it make sense to pay twelve months a year for a vacation property you use for two or three weeks? Explore how your family can save money, and consult with our team.  We can help you cancel your timeshare contract and get out of escalating expenses and maintenance fees, and get back to enjoying affordable, memorable vacations (without the monthly bill).

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