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“How can I get rid of my timeshare?” Or do you just want to know what your timeshare options are? Selling your contract can be risky and just doesn’t work. Get the help you need to get rid of your timeshare legally and ethically, while protecting your credit and your family’s future.

We are an experienced Timeshare Release agency, serving consumers since 2004.
Our team of experts have helped hundreds of timeshare owners cancel their contracts and understand their consumer rights. We will help you eliminate your high maintenance fees or mortgage and explain your options so you can safely cancel your timeshare burden.

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“We had 2 timeshares: Southwind – French Quarter in Branson and Wyndham. Southwind went bankrupt and we only really got to use it once after owning from 2005 to 2014.

We went to Branson 1 to 3 times a year, once to Hawaii, Orlando, Las Vegas, Flagstaff,AZ and 6 cruises with Wyndham as Platinum level owners from 2005 to 2014, but we were paying over $6000.00 annual maintenance fees and the sales department was making us transfer ownership unnecessarily at additional costs and promising ways to lower fees that didn’t work and cost us thousands.

When our daughter and husband did not want to inherit the timeshares, we lost $1000’s trying to get out with many different companies who took our money and ran–we experienced nearly every scam possible and it was hard to trust again. American Consumer Credit was patient and came through for us and we are out.”

Beverlee Maschek

After signing the paper and leaving the office, I kept thinking there must be something wrong. I kept searching Wyndham on websites, and then I realized they are bad company. Once you need help from them, it would be impossible. Their phones are always voice mail. There’s no way to get in touch with them. Then I tried to call them, it’s always voice mail like the other victims’ experiences. And which they sold you is all bullshit. You can never travel like they told you. It’s all lies.

I really want to fight back. I don’t want to be like other victims. There must be a way to get rid of them. Then I found a free consultation online, I left my contact information.

After couple hours I received a call from Vicky, she taught me how to get rid of Wyndham step by step. She is so friendly and nice and she answered each of my questions. She also comforted me by telling me you will be fine which really helps me.

Now I hope everything will be alright like nothing happened. This is a big lesson for me. Before signing the paper, u gotta Google it first. Don’t sign anything that you are not 100% sure.

Sara Wu

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